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 Tuition is due in full at the beginning of each term


     ♫  During the school year, studio time is considered equal to class time, thus payment is treated as a termly tuition.


    ♫  Your commitment to having your child educated with me is for them to attend one 30, 45 or 60 min individual lesson per week during   the school term.  This continuity of lessons promotes and emphasises on reinforcing previously taught concepts.  In the event that your child is unable to attend their lesson due to illness, make up lesson may be allocated at my discretion. You need to notify me as soon as possible by text on or before the day they will be absent. It is your responsibility to reinforce this with your child. Lessons missed during the term due to taking holidays will be made up and must be paid for. As a matter of courtesy, it is your obligation to inform me at least one week prior to any excursion, carnivals, camps etc. that may conflict with your allocated time slot. If you give me such notice, I will attempt to rearrange your child’s lesson time for that week, thus avoiding you having to pay for a lesson that is not attended. Credit won’t be given for missed lessons, instead you can always have make up lessons.


 ♫ The tuitions must be paid fully by the end of the second week of the term (unless you have made other arrangements with me). Failure to pay fees by the required date will result in an additional $10 late fee. Please include your child’s name as the description so I know where the payment has come from.


 ♫  This payment method helps us all to budget easier and keep track of payments.


 ♫        As your child’s teacher, I am required to attend all lessons on time and usually make all appointments on time unless there is an unforeseen circumstance. I am a performing and recording musician, so there will be times where I may be absent. If I know ahead of time of the performance or recording session that will be mentioned at the beginning of the month when payment for that month’s lessons are due. If I am not able to conduct a lesson due to a professional engagement, I will find a suitable time for a make up lesson.  In the event that a time is not available, I will credit your account for the following term. This is the only instance that I will credit a lesson.



 These policies have certain objectives:


 ♫  It discourages last minute and frequent cancellations by the student.


 ♫  It maintains a healthy and consistent learning environment by minimising absentees.


 ♫ It encourages at least 1 school year commitment from the student and the parent.

  • During the school holidays, tuition is flexible.


 ♫ If you wish to cease lessons with me, please state this in writing, giving minimum of 4 weeks notice of your intention. 


 ♫ There will not be any refunds under any circumstances, including missed lessons during the term.


 ♫ In case of ceasing the lessons the amount for 4 lessons won’t be refunded but you are welcome to attend the lessons.

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